Short Stories

The following stories are all very short. Even the two novellas (too short to be novels), 'The Sceptre' and 'Small Field', are Quick Reads. They are written for various age groups.

The Sceptre The Sceptre

A novella (short novel) for teens and adults.

Matt is in year 10 at school. With his mother on heroin and a father he has never known, he largely has to sort out his own life. He is used to being rejected and his social worker says he is close to being permanently excluded from school.

Then Matt discovers a dirty black bit of metal and, as he cleans it up, he finds that things begin to change. A new voice in his life brings supernatural power; he is rescued by angels, his enemy at school is raised from the dead; his life and the lives of those around him change as they discover who is behind the voice.

(c) Copyright Peter Wrigley 2015


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