Just a mix of things that didn't fit anywhere else.
Maybe some photos, some memories ...

My Bike

Created in 2020

During the pandemic of Covid-19 I acquired a bike. I have only ever had two bikes in my previous 72 years. The first was a second-hand Hercules County with 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears which cost my Mum and Dad 10s 6d. The second was an old bike without markings on the frame which my wife bought me about 30 years later for a tenner. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2020

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Flying in a Bristol Superfreighter

Created in 2015

We got to Southend airport in time and drove out onto the runway. The massive transport plane stood with its nose open with two giant doors into which led a ramp for cars to drive up....The noise from the engines was deafening and we were given barly sugar sweets to suck on at take-off because the cabin was not pressurised.... © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2015

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Small Beginnings

Created in 1997

Half-way down the High Street in Sutton was an archway. It opened into The Arcade - only a small arcade but the only one I knew and for that reason alone it was special. All the shops were small and dark and we took no notice of most of them. I dimly remember one stuffy window with just a few hats on display but I never saw any sign of life inside... © Copyright Peter Wrigley 1997

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