This is a real hotch-potch of poems, some nonsensical, some serious, and some exploring faith.

Facing the Music

Created in 2018

Poem: At the top of the High street in the middle of December rush... © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2018

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Created in 2016

Poem about comfort by the fire after clearing snow. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2016

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He aint a baby anymore

Created in 2015

Poem celebrating Jesus from baby to his second coming. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2015

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Timothy Hitchin

Created in 2014

Timothy Hitchin poem about an unrecognised artist. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2014

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Created in 2004

Celebrating the bumble bee. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2004

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Bzzz! 2

Created in 2004

Bumble bee as a fashion icon. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2004

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The Artist

Created in 2001

I met an artist the other day

whose work quite took my breath away.

His windswept skies were mind-blowing;

his fields and hills were softly glowing

under the autumn light.... © Copyright Peter Wrigley 2001

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Created in 1994

Poem loosely based on early experience as a Design and Technology Teacher. © Copyright Peter Wrigley 1994

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